Honors Scholar Requirements

Honors Scholar in the Arts and Sciences shall be awarded to graduating seniors who have completed five approved courses, with at least one course from each of the areas of mathematics, science, humanities, and social science, and with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5.

Only grades of “A” and “B” may count toward the Honors Scholar grade point average requirements of at least 3.5 in those five courses, and students must have an overall grade point average of 3.5. Also, only courses with three or more hours of credit may count toward becoming an Honors Scholar.

Students who complete a single undergraduate major may not satisfy Honors Scholar requirements with any course in, or required by, their major field. (For example, a student whose only major is mathematics may not use any course carrying the MATH prefix to satisfy Honors Scholar requirements.) Students who complete two or more majors may use any approved course to satisfy Honors Scholar requirements except for the course(s) required by both majors and their required support areas. A fundamental caveat for the Honors Scholar Program is that students go beyond the minimum major requirements for graduation.

No credit toward becoming an Honors Scholar shall be given for high school, transfer, or online courses, (including AP, CLEP, Study Abroad or substitutions) unless approved by the Honors Scholar Committee. Many Honors Scholar courses have prerequisites or co-requisites. Refer to individual course descriptions for specific details.

Please let us know of your interest in becoming an Honors Scholar.