May 2014 | Honors Scholar Alumni

Honors Scholar Alumni

May 2014

Graduate Major(s) Minor(s)
Analia Albuja Psychology Statistical Methods
Nicholas Becker Computer Science and Linguistics  Cognitive Science
Dylan Bergschneider Biology Chemistry
Kelly Bowden Mathematics  Statistical Methods
Zachary Brandt Economics and English
David Clark Political Science Mathematics and Philosophy & Religion
Lisa Jean Clark Biology Chemistry and Spanish
Evan Datz Mathematics Physics
Quynh Van Duong Chemistry  Biology
Kristine Kubisiak Biology  Mathematics and Statistics
Alana Schlemmer Chemistry and Biology
Emma Shirey Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies: Cognitive Science
Whitney Skidmore Biology  Chemistry and Spanish
Matthew A. Sluder English
Nelson C. Ugwu Biology
Huong Uong Agricultural Science and Economics